The Montessori School of Douglas County was         
originally opened by a group of parents in 1976, to offer
their children the Montessori approach to education in
our community and we continue that tradition today. In
1980, Lupe Villegas became the Directress of the school
and she is trained to teach children from the age of 18
months to 10 years old according to the Montessori

   In 1996 the school started with one primary class. We
presently enroll children from 18 months to 10 years with
one toddler, three primary and one lower-level elementary
class. Additionally, we offer before and after school care
for working parents.

   Our goal is to offer a rich warm caring, community
environment for the children. We are committed to the
values underlying the Montessori approach to child
development. We are committed to ongoing study in
order to better support the natural and total development
of each child. We are extremely proud of all our faculty and staff.

Web site last updated, 04/24/2017: The LAST Day of School for ALL Students will be: Thursday, May 25, 2017.
Special Events
Our School's History
    What is Montessori?

   Montessori is the name of the discoveries
and educational methods by Dr. Maria
   Dr. Montessori, Italy's first woman physician
in the early 1900's, used her scientific training
to observe how children learn. She discovered
that children learn in different ways at different
   The Montessori classroom is a prepared
environment in which the child develops
according to his on rhythm and to his own
individual potentiality. Since the child learns at her own pace, a student is able to enter school at any time during the school year.